Careers at Corran…

At Corran Support we believe that working in health and social care isn’t just a stop gap job but a varied and exciting career choice. We look for people who align with our “Be the best you  can be” policy and offer a clear career pathway with training and qualifications.

Our staff feel supported by the management team and as the roles attract people who want to make a positive difference to other people’s lives we think we have some of the nicest employees around.  Team work is a huge part of working here and you’ll feel like you are part of a big family in no time.

Starting your career at Corran

Our entry level positions require no experience or training as we will provide everything you need. We look for employees who are willing to learn and offer plentiful opportunities for training. We are one of a small handful of adult support services that use an Intensive Interaction Based Approach which can literally transform the lives of our service users. For staff members who facilitate this the approach can also be life changing, it’s so rewarding to see our service users quality of life improve so much.

We operate a least restrictive approach so despite some of the challenges our service users face they are able to have freedom and choice.

Continuing your career at Corran

If you have worked in a more traditional adult social care setting and haven’t felt you have been able to support your service users in the best way then our blend of Intensive Interaction Based Approach, Total Communication and Active Support (the Corran Support Recipe) will be refreshing change.

How do I apply?

If we have a roles available we usually share them on our Facebook page but if you are interested in working for us please call the manager (07818 822979) as if you are good fit for Corran we want to hear from you.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more before you apply then please call the manager (07818 822979) who will be happy to help.

Once you are ready to apply please complete our application form which you can return electronically or print off and post.