Corran Dean Living is a charity that benefits the people that use Corran Support’s services through interactive opportunities.

  • Caring for and feeding animals at Smokey farm
  • Interaction with the land, plants and nature
  • Visits from ice cream vans
  • BBQs in the summer
  • Saturday night discos and games nights
  • Cinema nights
  • Parties
  • Equipment such as trikes, sensory equipment and games

Our fundraising makes a difference to the lives of the young people that we support, who have learning disabilities or autism.

Our Directors


Favourite band or artist: Dance music… I like David Guetta!
Favourite food: Curry
Colour: Purple
Interests: Pony carriage driving
Why I work at Corran: I set up the services because I wanted to make a positive difference to peoples lives, and I still have the passion and drive to do that some twenty years on… it’s what I live for!


Favourite band or artist: Roderick Williams
Favourite food: Rissotto
Favourite colour: Heliotrope
Interests: Music, history & cinema
Why I work at Corran: I want to support the excellent work that Corran do in our community


Favourite band or artist: Guns n Roses
Favourite food: Stilton cheese
Favourite colour: Green
Interests: Animals – especially my Fell pony ‘Muppet’
Why I work at Corran: Having been in & around agriculture all of my life, I know how beneficial & therapeutic it is for people to be able to access animals & the outdoor space at Corran Dean. I love seeing how this type of environment helps people to overcome their anxiety & social difficulties – it makes such a difference to peoples’ lives.