Corran Support Ltd will seek to provide high quality Intensive Interaction led supported living services, in partnership with service users.

Intensive Interaction is a way of being with people that supports trust and human connection. Intensive Interaction is a play based approach which enhances lives.

Intensive Interaction teaches and develops the “Fundamentals of Communication”, attainments such as the use and understanding of eye contacts, facial expressions, vocalisations leading to speech, taking turns in exchanges of conversation and the structure of conversation.

Corran seek to enable service users to exercise their full rights as citizens living and participating in a community, to realise their full potential and to live valued and meaningful lifestyles.

Service aims and Objectives

Corran Support Ltd is intended to meet the needs of younger adults aged 18 years upwards who have Autism and / or learning disabilities.

  • To provide support with personal care that seeks to improve the quality of life for service users with learning disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Conditions, and Mental Health needs, including those who may engage in behaviours which are often viewed as problematic or challenging.
  • To recognise that each person has their own personalities and characteristics, and therefore, to offer care and support that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual, and not adopting a “one size fits all” approach.
  • To provide levels of structure throughout all aspects of the services – the type of structure that assists and supports all individuals, and is of primary importance to those individuals with an Autistic Spectrum Condition.
  • To maintain safe, stable and stimulating support which encourages service users to grow as individuals. One in which service users may develop personal skills and abilities to maximise their potential, and promote independence.
  • To provide support that enables as normal a life as is possible for service users, and which preserves dignity and identity in meeting their emotional and physical needs.
  • To promote equality of opportunity and encourage anti-discriminatory and anti-institutionalism practice by recognising and upholding the rights, choices, beliefs and values of service users.
  • To respect the requirement for privacy at all times and treat all information relating to service users and staff in a confidential manner.
  • To recognise and uphold the rights and choices of service users living in their own homes, and ensuring respect for privacy is maintained whilst supporting people within their own homes.
  • To encourage and facilitate interactions within the local and wider communities as a means of service users developing social networks and experiencing positive and meaningful relationships.
  • To work effectively with families, social services, health services, education services and other external agencies in enhancing the quality of life for the service users.
  • To adopt a holistic approach towards the care and development of service users, using non-aversive methods based on psychological models to adapt and manage behaviours.
  • To give all staff the training, support and consultation required to achieve a quality workforce, including specific training in supporting people within their own homes and working with people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, which will fulfill the aims and objectives of the service.