At Corran Dean Living we provide leisure and occupational therapy care through interactive opportunities caring and feeding animals on the farm, interaction with the land, plants and nature.

We provide meaningful activities and equipment for the services based at Smokey Farm, including: Summer BBQ’s, trips out to local attractions and events. Equipment for developing independent skills and self-help for fulfilling lives.

Our fundraising makes a difference to the lives of the young people that we support, who have learning disabilities or autism.

Our Directors


Favourite band or artist: Dance music… I like David Guetta!
Favourite food: Curry
Colour: Purple
Interests: Pony carriage driving
Why I work at Corran: I set up the services because I wanted to make a positive difference to peoples lives, and I still have the passion and drive to do that some twenty years on… it’s what I live for!


Favourite band or artist: Roderick Williams
Favourite food: Rissotto
Favourite colour: Heliotrope
Interests: Music, history & cinema
Why I work at Corran: I want to support the excellent work that Corran do in our community


Favourite band or artist: Guns n Roses
Favourite food: Stilton cheese
Favourite colour: Green
Interests: Animals – especially my Fell pony ‘Muppet’
Why I work at Corran: Having been in & around agriculture all of my life, I know how beneficial & therapeutic it is for people to be able to access animals & the outdoor space at Corran Dean. I love seeing how this type of environment helps people to overcome their anxiety & social difficulties – it makes such a difference to peoples’ lives.